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STEIN-Diaphragm-wall-grab K 1210 HD

 Schlitzwandgreifer K1210 for the wall thickness 1200 / 1300 / 1500 mm
with wire-rope-pulleys ø 800 mm for wire-rope ø 34 – 36 mm
two double sheaves and one single sheave

The diaphragm wall grab is low in maintenance and is subjected to the safety regulation VCB 9a for handling of loads.

The cutting edges of the grab jaws are madeof Hardox steel 450 and were especially hardened. Easy mounting of the grab jaws for excavation widths 1200 /1300 /1500 mm. All the grab teeth as well as all the wire rope pulleys are quickly exchangeable due to their construction as ready to use components.

Paintwork: aluminium coloured rust protection coating.

Technical specifications

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