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STEIN – Concrete tremie pipe system

Betonschüttrohr-Garniturwith concrete hopper, saddle with folding flaps or standard saddle

Tremie pipes with accessories for the installation of concrete in diaphragm wall panels or similar applications. The tremie pipes can be supplied in several diameters and lengths. The tremie pipes are equipped with male and female couplers at their end. The connection of several tremie pies to one strand is achieved by inserting the male into the female couplers and securing the two parts by means of a special connecting wire rope. The length of this wire rope depends on the diameter of the tremie pipe. These wire ropes can be removed again by means of a carpenter’s claw hammer. The sealing of the couplers is achieved means of two O-rings. Vertical transportation of one or several tremie pipes is possible by the use of a lifting cap. The tremie pipes are supported on top of the guide wall by means of a saddle with folding flaps or by means of a standard saddle. The couplers of the tremie pipe rest on the saddle and prevents that the tremie pipe lengths slip downward. Finally a hopper is installed at the top to fill the tremie pipes with concrete. These hoppers are available in different diameters, forms and sizes. Male and female couplers are also available as weld on components.

Documentation: technical specifications, assembly instructions, service manual, spare part list, safety regulations.

Technical specifications

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